Estoy aprendiendo español (I am learning Spanish)

This week I began a short course in Spanish for library workers. I jumped at the chance to participate, because I love learning new languages and all the fun mind-expanding things that means.

dictionary cd dvd

The library has all sorts of materials to support all of us language learners out there. We have things like:

  • Dictionaries (e.g. English-Spanish), thesauri, grammar books, vocabulary builders, books on idioms and colloquialisms
  • CDs and DVDs for language learning – some with books, and some without
  • Books in other languages (if the books for adults are too complicated, try kids’ books – the language is simpler)
  • Foreign films with English subtitles
  • Newspapers and magazines in other languages (online and in print)

One way to see all the language-learning materials we have for a particular language is to do a “Starts with” (the turquoise tab) search in the Subjects field for: xyz language self instruction (e.g. Korean language self instruction)


Of course, the friendly second floor librarians are always here to help you find what you need – just ask!