Oh the horror!


Halloween Pumpkins by lobo235 on Flickr

So it’s Halloween on Sunday. I like Halloween, but I don’t like scary things. Horror books, movies? No thanks! Not for me. My favorite thing about Halloween is the smell of candle-warmed pumpkin – it brings back so many fun memories, but it sure isn’t spooky. :)

So for that reason, I can’t recommend any particular horror titles for you in this blog post. However, I can show you how to find horror titles yourself, using our new catalog.

Let’s start by searching the catalog with the very generic search term of horror. The neat thing about our new catalog is that it lets you narrow your search by choosing from facets on the right-hand side of the screen. So while the search for horror nets 1723 titles, you can easily narrow it down to a more manageable number.

You’ll see the first way you can narrow your search results is by format. If I just want horror DVDs, I can click on DVD and I go to a list of 154 results, as opposed to the 1723 that we had when we started.

From there I can narrow results by collection (see next image), which means which category of items in the library. You may want to choose juvenile DVDs (for kids), or adult DVDs (for adults).

If you ever want to remove a category that you narrowed your search by, just click the X next to it here:

Then, you can sort your results by date to get the newest items first.

I hope this helps you on your way to finding what you want (be it spooky or not) using our catalog! If you need more help, you can always ask us.

Posted by Lisa, a second floor librarian

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