Opposing Viewpoints

As a librarian I value the library as a marketplace of ideas. I love the fact that for almost every viewpoint you find represented in our collection you can almost always find the counterpoint. I think that having multiple perspectives allows us all to think more critically about issues, and understand people better. This is one of the reasons I love Opposing Viewpoints in Context.This is a great resource not only for students, but also for anyone looking to understand the complex issues of the day.  Here you will find:

* More than 14,000 pro/con viewpoint essays
* 5,000+ topic overviews
* More than 300 primary source documents
* 300 biographies of social activists and reformers
* More than 775 court-case overviews
* 5 million periodical articles
* Nearly 6,000 statistical tables, charts and graphs
* Nearly 70,000 images and a link to Google Image Search
* Thousands of podcasts, including weekly presidential addresses and premier NPR programs
* A national and state curriculum standards search, correlated to the content that allows educators to quickly identify material by grade and discipline

As I was browsing through this resource today I found great articles on a couple of topics that have had a strong presence in the news lately.

Health Care and Insurance

Gun Control

Just click on the links above to be taken to these articles.

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Posted by Sharon, a Second Floor Librarian

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