Something there is that doesn’t love a wall

I know that it is not Spring yet, but the recent increase in length of daylight and occasional blue skies have made me want to bust out my gardening tools and start considering exterior home improvements.

I am also starting to be followed around by my own personal Spring poem. Like Emily Dickinson’s A Certain Slant of Light hounds me in Fall, Robert Frost’s Mending Wall always comes back to me in the Spring. Both of these poems are available in our LitFinder Database as well as a lot of wonderful essays, short stories, biographies and work overviews.

For your enjoyment click on the following link to access a piece of the soundtrack to my brain:

Mending Wall

If you have trouble with the above link go to the

LitFinder Database

and search for Robert Frost and Mending Wall.  Then click on the tab for Primary Sources & Literary Works. The second link is the poem.

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Posted by Sharon, a Second Floor Librarian

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