I thought the storytelling festival was in February…

imageIf you are a fan of storytelling generally and the Tcha Tee Man Wi Storytelling Festival in particular, you should know that the festival is set for the first weekend of March, that’s March 4-6, here in Corvallis.

I will refrain from spilling details to you.  Visit the festival’s website where all is revealed.

If listening to stories is your thing, the library has a bonanza of recorded books – books on cassette, on CD, on Playaway, and downloadable audiobooks  – to hold you until the festival comes around and real live story-tellers enthrall you.

You can also visit websites such as http://www.shortstoryradio.com/ or http://www.storylineonline.net (if you are a kid at heart) where a reader will read you a story for free.

Here are a few titles from our collection about stories and storytelling, pleasant diversions during our short, dark days. Happily heading toward spring we are!

jacket The anatomy of story: 22 steps to becoming a master storyteller

John Truby

book jacket Bringing the story home: the complete guide to storytelling for parents

Lisa Lipkin

book jacket The healing power of stories: creating yourself through the stories of your life

Daniel Taylor

book jacket Inviting the wolf in: thinking about the difficult story

Loren Niemi and Elizabeth Ellis

Posted by Amy, a Second Floor Librarian

Photo credit: November 21: Spoken Reality: A talk with NYC Storytelling Producers, posted by uniondocs on Flickr

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