Visions of Home

On Thursday, September 8, at 7:00 pm, the library is excited to present Visions of Home: a Reading and Discussion with Marjorie Sandor, George Estreich, and Charles Goodrich.

Each of these local authors has written a book that meditates extensively on the meanings of “home” here in Oregon:

The Practice of Home, by Charles Goodrich, is his account of family, gardening, and building a house in Corvallis.
Gardening and the line between wilderness and home are central themes¬† in Marjorie Sandor’s book of essays The Night Gardener: A Search for Home,
Marjorie Sandor’s The Late Interiors: a Life Under Construction, links the hands-on practice of gardening with larger questions of family, loss, and change
The Shape of the Eye: Down Syndrome, Family, and the Stories We Inherit by George Estreich. An at-home dad’s memoir of raising a daughter with Down syndrome, set against a backdrop of renovation

All three of the authors, in very different ways, have set the literal, hands-on, messy aspects of home (gardening, renovation, daily tasks) against the larger questions implicit in living and making a family in a specific place; all of them, as writers, have solved the imaginative challenges in different ways.

Please join us for this thought-provoking, fun event at 7:00 PM in the Library’s Main Meeting Room.¬† Grass Roots Bookstore will be selling the authors’ books at the event.

Posted by Alex, a second floor librarian

Image credit: 96 Maison de Fee by I am not I by on Flickr