World Book Night

Would you like to participate in a community-based book giveaway to promote reading? World Book Night will be here on April 23, but you need to sign up here by Feb. 1.  World Book Night is a charity dedicated to the promotion of literacy and the celebration, sharing and enjoyment of reading among teenagers and adults. This year, the Library will be a pick up site for books to be given away in our community.

World Book Night gives you the opportunity to give 20 copies of a book to 20 people you do not know at community gathering places of your choosing.  It can be a coffee shop, hospital, shopping center, shelter, but you may NOT give them out at the library!  The aim is to promote reading to people who might not otherwise buy or borrow a book.  We want you to share your love of books and your enthusiasm for reading.  Here is the list of books.

There is no cost involved.  Publishers, printers, and paper companies are picking up the tab.  And the authors are waiving their rights to royalties.  You can find all the information about WBN, as well as the sign-up form, at the website.

The idea for this book giveaway began last year in the United Kingdom as a way to bring books to light readers, not dedicated readers like yourself.  It has spread to the U.S. and Germany this year.   So join other readers in Benton County in signing up today to participate.  And ignore the “Night” part of the title, you may give your books away anytime during April 23, 2012.  But first, you must sign up by February 1.

Want more information?  Click here for a list of FAQs about World Book Night.


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