So what is the big deal about ebooks anyway?

Sony eReader & Amazon Kindle

Sony eReader & Amazon Kindle

You might remember that I’m the ebook advocate here at the library. You may also recall that my recent post (after attending the BEA conference a few weeks ago) was ebook heavy. Well, here is why…We are just starting to feel the impact of ebooks. The pinch is really beginning to occur in the publishing industry. The publishing process for paper books is a costly one. Publishers are beginning to see ebooks as a way to keep down their overhead. An industry group (IDPF, creator of the ePub format) released recent ebook sales figures. The numbers are telling and have been called “exponential growth”.

Academic publishers have been early adopters in the ebook field. An article from Publisher’s Weekly indicates McGraw-Hill is beginning an ebook initiative for elementary and high schools.

So what does this all mean? Ebooks are here to stay! People are beginning to read on PCs, iPhone & iPods and ereaders (like the Kindle and the Sony eReader).

How about ebooks at the library? We are working on it! At this point there are several options worth investigating. Stay tuned!

Are you ereading yet? If you are, what device are you reading on?

Posted by Second Floor Librarian Christopher