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Food Microhistories

              When it comes to history, some people like the big canvas, but a book about the industrial revolution doesn’t appeal to me as much as a biography of an industrialist. Even better, give me a book about the history of spinning machinery, or maybe just cotton itself. If [...]

Help for Aspiring Novelists

Are you finally getting down to writing your book this month as a part of National Novel Writing Month – NaNoWriMo?  If so, check out the library’s collection for for books to help you get you started. From basic introductions on how to write fiction to specifics like how to develop characters or create a [...]

The Abyssal Zone

Did you read the title of this post correctly?  It took me a few times before I realized that the word is abyssal not abysmal. ☺ It’s a new phrase for me and it refers to one of the deepest regions of our planet’s oceans.  I discovered it while reading about the series of deep [...]

Gone to Texas

I am a Texan. Many generations strong, in fact. My great-great grandfather immigrated to Texas from Poland in the mid-19th century and the Brzozowskis are an established name there. An annual Brzozowski family reunion is held in Gonzales, Texas (home of the Gonzales “Come and Take It” cannon) where a large concentration of us can [...]

Best Debut Novels

Fall has arrived and that means book award season!  The shortlist for the Man Booker prize (awarded to the best novel by a writer from the UK, Republic of Ireland or the Commonwealth)  has been announced, and for the first year the U.S.’s National Book Award is drawing out their process by announcing a longlist [...]

The Making of a Random Review

**The 1st Random Review of the season starts September 11th!  See the Random Review schedule or the complete list of this year’s Random Review books for more!** This year I had the distinct honor of sitting on the Random Review Planning Committee.  All Committee members are tasked with choosing 3 books to suggest to the [...]

Gender Through Comics

A few months ago I finished my first ever MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) called Gender Through Comic Books.  I’m a comic book fan and I was thinking I might learn some new insightful stuff to incorporate in the Graphic Novel Book Club‘s discussions.  The course included live author interviews with comic greats Terry Moore, [...]

Flower Bouquets

I love flowers. I enjoy seeing them in gardens and yards as I walk and drive around town. Yet, there is something special when you bring flowers inside.  The sweet scent of a rose, the bright cheerfulness of a yellow daffodil, the simplicity of a lily.  A vase of flowers can cheer me up any [...]

Finding A Good Book To Read

There are over 1,000 books published every day, over 200,000 in your local library, but sometimes it’s still hard to find just the right book.   We’ve got several great sources in the library and online, but  I recently stumbled on a fun website that recommends books to you based on your mood.   Whichbook  has pre-made [...]

Food fiction

To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting –Edmund Burke Sometimes you know that you like certain genres or themes, and other times the interest simmers and all at once explodes in your mind – this is what happened to me recently.  I realized that I like food fiction.  I had no idea.  I [...]