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The power of music

Most of us recognize the influence music has on our mood.  Why else do we listen to music at the gym, if not to harness its potency to make us exercise harder while enjoying  it more?

Bird Watching

While vacationing in Ohio recently, I hiked a wilderness trail and some family members were treated to a scarlet tanager sighting. This week at the reference desk a library user asked me where the bird books were to help identify a bird he had seen in his yard.  As we walked to that section of [...]

So-and-so’s wife – nonfiction picks for 2/11/2011

We second floor librarians were remarking recently that there have been a lot of books published in the last few years where the word wife figures prominently in the title. We leave the analysis of this trend to you, dear reader, but here are some wife-titled nonfiction books of recent years. (There are many more [...]

African American History Month – nonfiction picks for 2/5/11

February is African American History Month, and to celebrate, I thought we’d choose a selection of great books on featuring African American history for nonfiction picks this week. I also wanted to point out the amazing website that the Library of Congress (along with other national agencies) has put together for African American History Month. [...]

Controversy! – nonfiction picks for 1/29/11

For the past  week or two, the media has been talking about a new book, called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, by Amy Chua. (Read the NY Times review here.) This got me thinking about other nonfiction books that have sparked debate in the past. Here are a couple of controversial nonfiction titles (and [...]

If you like Oliver Sacks… – nonfiction picks for 01/22/11

Oliver Sacks is one of our most popular nonfiction authors. (Here’s a link to his books in our catalog.) Lists of read-alikes are really popular and quite well-developed for fiction, but nonfiction is more of a challenge. After writing my last post about various online sites to help you find new books to read, I [...]

2010 – the year in memoirs & biographies

Looking back on the top memoirs and biographies is always interesting, as we see the lives and the themes that captured our attention. If you’re interested, compare it to 2009′s top biographies. But let’s get to the books you voted as the most popular by checking them out with your library cards! Here they are…

Current affairs & social issues – a top 10

I always find it interesting to see what issues captured people’s attention this year, and so here’s a list of the top 10 current affairs and social issues books. From the economic crisis to the environment to managing change, it’s clear this year hasn’t been an easy one. Here’s hoping for better news in 2011!

Welcome to the jungle – nonfiction picks for 12/7/10

Yikes! I just realized the last nonfiction picks post I did was almost 2 months ago. What happened to November? It seems that lately I’ve come across various good nonfiction reads that are centered around the Amazon. So, in honor of that serendipity, and to warm us up in this dreary December, here is a [...]

Money, sex, and food – nonfiction picks for 10/15/10

I came across this list of the American bestsellers in the 20th Century. I spent a few minutes scanning the bestseller lists by decade. Especially in the later half of the 20th C., a few (obvious) trends emerge in the nonfiction bestseller lists – money/success, sex, and food. So for this week, I thought I’d [...]