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D.I.Y. Canning and Pickling

During March I came to the startling realization that my freezer was still packed with blueberries from last year’s picking. Even after all the smoothies, I still had a ton of berries to reckon with. I debated bread, muffins, or starting on a smoothie-only diet, but none seemed appealing. Then one fine day a little [...]

Days of Remembrance

The Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust (DRVH) is an annual 8-day period designated by Congress for civic commemorations and special educational programs that help citizens remember and draw lessons from the Holocaust. The annual DRVH period normally begins on the Sunday before the Jewish observance of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, [...]

Voter Excitement

I clearly remember my excitement as I approached my first presidential election as a voter. As a young woman, it was a right that my female ancestors did not all share, and I’ve always considered it akin to a sacred duty.

A good read: Jasper Fforde

“I can’t believe you haven’t read.…”    is a common phrase I hear from friends and family.  Because I’m a librarian they think I’ve read everything.  But you should know that like you I have long reading lists of books that I hope to get around to reading someday.

Message in a Bottle

Growing up a child hears stories about the unexpected discovery of a message in a bottle — usually at the seashore.  I believe in miracles and serendipity so I should not be surprised that I found a variation of this theme on my birthday earlier this month.  I’d wanted to go to the ocean for [...]


Can’t get enough of those British period dramas?  Bummed that Downton Abbey’s 3rd season is just about over? Check out the latest BBC series Parade’s End. The New Yorker called it “the better Downton Abbey.”  It’s debuting in the US this month on HBO, but there is not release date yet for the DVD.  So [...]

Short Stories

  When the New York Times Magazine declared The Tenth of December by George Saunders the “best book you’ll read this year,” the surprising thing wasn’t just that it’s only January, but that it is a book of short stories.  Short stories writers don’t usually get the attention and hype that novelists do, and I [...]


There’s nothing like some scary books to get you in the mood for Halloween.   If you want to explore beyond Stephen King and Dean Koontz try these International Horror Guild Award-winning titles:

First Time Home Buyers Be Not Afraid: There’s a Book for That

In the coming weeks my partner and I hope to finally close on our first new home! During the process we relied heavily on library resources to guide us through real estate and mortgage terminology, potential pitfalls, and checklists for picking the perfect home.

Western fiction favorites

My family book club recently read True Grit by Charles Portis.  It was a great story and made me realize how much I like reading about the pioneer life and the early days of our country.  Here are a few of the titles I’ve enjoyed over the years: